Our Life CBD’s founders came together to create holistic, all natural, plant-based remedies for theirs and your life—for today’s life. With their collective experience as patients, caregivers, researchers, and creators, they continually seek out the highest quality organic ingredients.

For one of our founders, Our Life CBD is about a drive to help others as a caregiver of the sick and elderly and as a volunteer for a Veteran’s charity. Shawn discovered early on the healing effects of plant-based medicines and has been on a mission to promote them ever since. Through his work with his family, his patients, and our Veterans, he has always sought out the highest quality medicine. Not only that, but Shawn uses what we produce to treat himself after Jiu-Jitsu. Our Life CBD is about his life.

As a researcher and teacher of natural healing methods like yoga, fasting, and plant-based medicine, Steve, another founder, has spent years promoting natural health. Knowing the issues with modern medicine and the benefits of alternative forms, he provides his knowledge and experience for others. Our Life CBD is about his life.

Our final founder, Donnie, brings his creative talents to the table. At Our Life CBD’s facility, his formulas are blended to craft our fine products. Without Donnie’s knowledge and skills, we would only be a vision and not a reality. Our Life CBD is about his life.

Collectively, they each bring their stories, knowledge, passion, and highest selves together to create a company producing the best natural remedies. Because Our Life CBD is not only about the lives of our founders—ultimately, Our Life CBD is about your life.