1) How is a Minimum Order Subtotal Is Calculated

This amount excludes tax and shipping cost but is calculated using the “wholesale price” as defined for all products.

Until the minimum order subtotal (as calculated based on the wholesale price) is met, the shopping cart and checkout will display the non-wholesale prices.

Here is an example scenario:

  1. You have the minimum sub-total amount of $500 so you must only submit orders over that amount.
  2. There is a product defined with a regular retail price of $200 and a wholesale price of $100.
  3. You add 3x units of this product to your cart.
  4. The notice for not meeting the minimum order subtotal to make wholesale pricing available is shown because $100 x 3 = $300 which is below $500.
  5. Once you add and additional 2x units of this product to the cart, the notice disappears and wholesale pricing becomes available.