Our Life Affiliate FAQ

1) How Much is My Commission? 

After you apply, our affiliate management team will review your application. They will decide what commission rate to place you at between 10% and 20% depending on factors like traffic and authority. During the onboarding process, affiliates will be informed about their commission rate. Serious affiliates will come in at the 20% rate and others may work up to that number. Keep in mind you can still receive 5% on affiliate referrals. You can also track referral rate and other important statistics within your affiliate dashboard.

2) When Do I Receive Payment? 

We will pay all affiliates every Friday on a weekly basis. Any sales that were generated in the seven days prior will be paid in full at that time. We have this structure in place to simplify the payment process for the publisher and affiliates.

3) How Do I Receive Payment? 

At this time, we run our payments through the PayPal payment system with the email you provided during registration. We will issue payment to either business or personal accounts.

5) What Platform is This Program Run On? 

We run this program on the AffiliateWP Platform. You may visit their website for more information and troubleshooting. You may also contact us on our contact page.

6) How Do You Track Visitors and Eventual Sales? 

This program operates in the same way that other affiliates programs do by placing cookies in visitors’ browsers. Once a visitor to your site clicks on the affiliate link to our website, a cookie is automatically placed in their computer. This cookie can track things like IP Address, Website Duration, and Conversion. For more information on cookies, see this explanation.

7) How Long Do Cookies Last? 

As the Publisher, Our Life CBD  has control over cookie expiration. While some companies like Amazon have cookies that expire with 24 hours, we are generously giving a 30 day window to track affiliate conversions. What this means is, if a user clicks on an affiliate link and purchases with OurLife CBD within 30 days, we pay the Affiliate a commission.

8) How Do I Change My Payment Email? 

You may change your Paypal payment email in the “settings” section of your Affiliate Area Dashboard, where you monitor your Affiliate performance.

9) I Registered. How Do I know if I’m Accepted as an Affiliate? 

You will receive notification about your Affiliate status by the account email you submitted on the “Affiliate Signup Page.”

10) Will You Accept All Affiliates/What Are You Looking for in Affiliates?

The short answer is… no. We are selective about our affiliates. We cannot risk damaging our brand reputation by associating with spammy, questionable sites or blogs. We reserve the right to deny or delete your Affiliate account at our discretion. Saying that, here are a few things we are looking for from potential Affiliates:

What we are not looking for:

11) Are There Any Third Parties Involved?

No, OurLife CBD has complete control over this Affiliate Program. Any communication should be direct with us.

12) Can You Delete My Affiliate Account?

Yes, as a part of the terms of your registration, OurLife CBD reserves the right to delete your account at our discretion if we feel that our relationship is in any way damaging our brand or our company.

13) Can I Resize Creatives/Banner Images?

You cannot resize our creatives that we provide in your Affiliate Area Dashboard. By trying to manipulate the image, you disrupt the code and your ability to track sales! We will continually add creatives and designs to our Affiliate dashboard for our Affiliates to choose from.

14) What if I Need a Creative in a Different Size?

If you need to resize an image to fit your website, you can request one by contacting us with your dimensions and we will create the text code to you for you to place on your website